As long as I am with you, you can be the strongest - Kageyama

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It’s like I miss everybody here… my tumblr friends and my lovely fandom. I hope that I’ll get to my usual fangirling when my exams are finally over.

Actually it’s over and I’m just spending my time watching gazillion movies and series hahaa.

To my dear friends who left me sweet messages, don’t you worry.. I’ll respond my essay just for you especially Jordin!!! Gaaa I missed you too! asiantwinky and lovely Amy!! ahmi-chan :D

still semi hiatus till next week.

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-whispers- AU where Erwin is the Queens Watchdog and Levi is one hell of a butler
Had this sitting in my ask box for a little while.
I can find a lot of paralelisms between Erwin/Levi and Ciel/Sebastian hahaha 
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Hi there! I just wanted to ask know how many chaps of Haikyuu! Are out right now. The place where I read only has 116, but I see stuff posted on tumblr that I haven't seen yet, thanks!

Oh hello there anon! and sorry if I answered this a bit late because I haven’t been on tumblr for the past few days.. so good thing that I’ve checked :)

The current scanlation team only have the chapter up to 116 just like you said.. but this pretty lady here nijimurashuuzo was doing a translations for us :) but she pointed out that somehow it’s not that accurate just like the scanlations. She did the translations up to 120, in which can be found here.

I hope that helps!

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Six Selfies Meme

aka fifty shades of what colour is my hair…

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Tagging the following people (feel free to not do this): jeambo (i know you won’t do it but… ) owlishy, zombie-urbano, consensual-sexy-times, riuszysko, tachibaanas & acuriechie :D

Kate, if only I have the guts to post my selfies hahaha! Thank you though :D gaaahh I love your hair color ^_^

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Another kitchen masterpiece #foodporn #yummy #salad

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A Choice With No Regrets: Chapter Eight


The final chapter is here! Thank you for your patience. 

We want to thank all of you for your support and for joining us on this journey. We’re very sad to see it come to an end, but it’s been a great ride.

Please note, there will be one more A Choice With No Regrets special chapter next month, so make sure to join us in August for that.

If you have any feedback about this chapter or any of our releases, feel free to contact us on Tumblr or email us at We’d love to hear from you.


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Wow! Good luck on the test and i wish you a successful and bright future!!>w< All the best for you dear~ you’ll surely become a greeeeeat doctor *u*

THANK YOU DEAR!!! I really appreciate this one :) and I promise that I will do everything to pass the exam hehe. Thanks for the encouragement ^_^ and hoping to be a badass doctor like heichou in the future haha just kidding!

talkaboutbrenda replied to your post:I’m going for med school.. and I need to pass the…

 All the best and good luck! You can do it :)

Thank you my dear friend :) You know we’ve been talking about this for ages… our dreams… and now we are one step closer :) And you too, good luck on your career.. The Aeronautics :)

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All the best on your journey to becoming a doctor! :D

Wow thank you anon :) *hugs*

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I’m going for med school.. and I need to pass the National Medical Admission Test.

Challenge accepted XD

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today’s hq_69min theme was sharing food and hinata is confirmed for a hamster

I CAN’T DRAW BACKGROUNDS especially when i’m in a rush

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They’re making a 50 shades of grey movie and I for one hope they tone down the creepy part of it.

seen the trailer and I don’t like the actors……. 

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Can’t get over with Bibimbap -_- #foodporn #yummy #LunchYesterday #yum #food

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Protect him at all costs

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June 2014

Artist of the Month: 张靓颖 

Click Here

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