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Another round of goodies!

It is time to share world of pink. Good thing my friend, Ate Cielo went to Jay’s concert in…

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DAY 25. Write a letter to Jay Chou.

Dearest Jay,

So much to say but, I just want thank you for sharing your wonderful music to us. Because really it’s one of a kind. And also somehow, through you I now understand much better the meaning of real music. And it’s a good thing that through your music, you get to treasure the culture of your country.

I greatly admire you for your talents in music, especially you.. playing different kinds of instruments. You never fail to amazed me :D So, keep doing and creating ONE OF A KIND MUSIC! remember we, your fans will be always there to support your music. 

About your love lifer perspective, you know I don’t really agree about that. But then, you’re old now and somehow you should get married. But.. wait for me to graduated first ahahahaha! Before you do that right? And I’m really hoping that you find your Ms. Right. something like a more matured one. Because i don’t really agree about…….(if that’s true) but whatever.

One last thing, don’t be childish anymore okay? :P and for your music, don’t use autotune alright?

~Lots of love! Jia You Jay 周杰倫 ! Love you always!

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I just posted 'Rewind - Forewords' on Wattpad!

Do support me in my fan fic! hope you enjoy it :P It’s a Jay Chou fanfic!

To view the whole story follow this link Rewind

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Wanna see how to abuse the replay button?? Check this Awesome Piano Duo By Jay Chou and Yu Hao!!

I really can’t believe that Jay is way too Awesome! Really he’s very talented!!!and look at Jay’s expression.. it’s cute! he’s really enjoying their piano duo!

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another one :P

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jay in pink :D

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我進入演藝工作已經二十七年,這十年來的台灣媒體環境令我十分感慨。從前善良正面的媒體氛圍哪兒去了? 我真想問問,這些自稱記者的狗仔年輕人,如此藉由挑釁、激怒甚至侮辱藝人來製造所謂新聞的方法與話語,是誰教你們的?





Statement from JVR’s manager JR YANG. You can hear the paparazzi provoking Jay here(x).

Can paparazzi just leave Jay alone? I hate them.

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DAY 13. Favorite song from On The Run

there’s so many song that i love in this album because it was my favorite. In that case, I’ll just go with Tian Tian De (Sweetness) because, the melody was good and the meaning of the song is very romantic. And for the record, since i’v become a jay fan, it’s the first song that i manage to sing :))) 

It gives me a lot of memories! ~

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When i was browsing many pictures, i came up with this two. My favorite team up and favorite singers. They were called legends, ~double J! Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. I’m quite happy that even though they didn’t end up together, thus, they still managed to be best of friends. But for me, they were still the best!!!

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Jay checked out from a hotel in Shanghai

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Day 4: Your Favorite MV - Wo Bu Pei (I’m Not Worthy)

There are a lots of Jay MV that i love, but this song only just got into my mind first. Hmm.. this MV is special because somehow it relates to his own life, which is being an artist does not always have a privacy. And so it affects their love life. This song also speaks to all the artist which have the same situation.

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