As long as I am with you, you can be the strongest - Kageyama

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Happy Holiday Panda~!!!

I already finish this 3 days ago but i decided to send it now :)

Hope you love it, it was a scene from Secret movie by Jay Chou, but i change it a little bit XD. Actually i made dialogue on it but well, you can add it on your own! it’s up to you :)

i hope you like this gift, don’t forget to take care of your health and enjoy your holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

-From your Secret Santa ^_^


OMG IM CRYING FROM HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I haven’t seen the movie but I’m watching it right now ;A;

this is so gorgeous ,I was rolling on the floor from emotions bwaaa <3 <3

Omg! This is the perfect ever! I mean because I love Jay Chou so much!! And then same goes with Rivamika. It was like hitting the same stone at one XD

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Smile …

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Woohoo! Fangirl activated. My own Jay Chou Calendar.

I just got a wonderful gift from my friend on Singapore, and look what I’ve got! Starting the new year with lot’s of Jay Chou madness.

Where will I put this? On my study table of course, so that everytime that I will see Jay, I will be inspired lol!

P.S. I love the last photo XD

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安静@ soulboy lights up concert




The best cover of An Jing by Khalil Fong. Originally by Jay Chou.

The moment seeing your favorite singer covers the song of your favorite singer makes me smile all day long.

I guess I will be posting more of this stuff more often, I mean my chinese pop buddies XD

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Rooftop OST
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I love this song!! currently my favorite XD Although I have other favorites on the soundtrack. I love this because is it pretty adventurous song, pretty much my Jay Chou style. Everytime I’m listening to it, I feel like dancing haha.  

But this song is pretty amusing because Jay doesn’t like paparazzi right? haha. 

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"You cannot control anyone else, you can’t control life and death, the only thing that is within your control is the will in your heart"

—Jay Chou 周杰倫 (Youth Discussion Forum)
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說了再見 - 周杰倫

Shuo Le Zai Jian - Zhou Jie Lun

Said Goodbye - Jay Chou

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He always sings like that. Putting his one hand on his chest XD. I always say that Jay Chou really sings from the bottom of his heart regardless of the song he’s singing.

I’m in love with the fact that sometimes, I felt like crying in just listening to his songs. I never felt something like that in other artist that I supported/loved. But Jay Chou is really amazing! I must say that his fans are far more better than the others. They are all good and kind.. not to mention those other fandoms that I know. I will not mention who’s whos.

Even though I became a fan of him just recently, December 2010. That 3 years are worth amazing. From there, I started making a lot of friends (Jay’s fans of course) and I felt so happy.

Just saying that this guy is so talented and wonderful. Indeed he is the best catch and singer out there. Sometimes, I feel so sorry for Jay because even though he put a lot of effort in his other areas (directing) some people don’t really acknowledge it. It’s just too T.T 

I’m seeing a lot of Jay being a director. And I love how to make stories and plots. I think he is genius in a lot of aspects aside from singing. Geez, don’t you know that Jay really made me poor? HAHA! in the sense that, I keep on buying all his stuffs even though I’m broke. LOL! But nonetheless, his albums/movies are of worth. So I never regretted any :)

My last message is about on his love life. 

About this, it really took me hard time just to digest this little information. I always keep my mouth shut when he talks about his current love life. I know that he is so private. But then there are rumors about him and Hannah. For all you know, Hannah and me are on the same age. And at first I never understood why Jay would settle in just like her! LOL! Its been two years since he was rumors with her (she was just 18 then!) but thinking of that. I finally realized that somehow I’ll just start letting Jay go. 

In all those 3 years that I’ve been a SUPER fan of him, I really fall in love with him in every single day. So being a fangirl of me, really took a hard time just to accept his love. I know I’m a bit emotional but just saying that if I learned that my bias has finally found someone, ME BEING A FANGIRL TO HIM NEEDS TO TONE DOWN. Just also a respect for him. 

So every time I got a chance to read about his rumors, sometimes it broke my heart. Just because I really don’t like Hannah for him. Any girl will do on Jay, but please just don’t be her. HAHA! I don’t know why I don’t like her? Maybe because we have the same age.. but I feel like she is just a princess over Jay. And it is so mehhhhhhh. Jay is so immature in terms of his lovelife, so I guess……. sooner or later.. it will change LOL! just for a bit, Hannah tends to be such a talking brat. 

If there is a girl who I love Jay to be with, it has to be Jolin Tsai.

Anyways, that’s all. And now, I’m starting to accept the relationship of that two. If that was true.

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迷幻 (Psychedelic)
Jolin Tsai
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My song for the day. Jolin really suits this kind of music. Mind to say that I also like the MV because she seems like a goddess.


If only Jay and Jolin were a couple. I’ll be the happiest!!! I love double J forever!! (sorry for those who hates double J) They will be the hottest/sexiest couple.

For Jay, why did you let Jolin go? :((

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Even with the goatee, yiiiis (that’s new for me :O)

this beard his forgivable :)

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Having some serious crush on him.
Gotta watch all his movies

Let’s join the fandom :))

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Stop scrolling for a second. Admire. Ok, go on.

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Finally. There is one MV left, 四季列車

that’s my favorite song!

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Metersbonwe Promotional Ad Screencaps.

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