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I have this crazy obession with Levi Heichou, because he's my husband. lol! just kidding. (Because I also allow Mikasa and Hanji to have him too!)

Expect for SNK stuffs and FMA. Because Levi and Roy Mustang is everything. They are the humanity's hottest

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Track: 惜命命
Artist: 罗志祥
Album: 狮子吼
Plays: 8229

Favorite song for the moment XD Even though I’ve only listened in a few rounds of the album, this song really captivates me the most.

Much because this is a Taiwanese dialect. And this is the first time that I’m hearing Show sang like that HOHO. Because I’m kinda use it listening in Jay Chou. Indeed, this is one of the cutest song in the album. Just wait til I make a whole review for the whole album.

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To be very honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this album. I saw the lion concept and wasn’t very pleased with the continuation of the animal concept. The promo song, 愛投羅網 was the typical electropop/dubstep song, that totally brainwashes. Songs like this get into your head if you like it or not.

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Cast the Net of Love MV.

Where do I start? Alright. I didn’t find the song too nostalgic. I guess I should listen to it a few more times to be able to like it. 

Not my typical Show Luo song, since this is too much “clubby type” and I’m expecting him to sang or released something as his carrier song on the album like Luo Sheng Men, that type of song. I mean a bit of a more powerful song and at the same time you can dance since Show is the Asia’s Dancing King.

I feel like watching Psy’s Gentleman the moment I saw this vid. And also the choreography is not much attractive. Because the movements are too slow, as if they are just saving the space, On the bridge part, I almost compared it with Psy’s gentleman LOL!

So, what’s happening right here Show? I didn’t expect you something like this. I know I’m more accustomed of him to do more dancing. Regarding with the voice, I think there’s nothing to comment since it is the same good voice as ever. I just think it is not my Show Luo song this time, might as well hear his other songs as well.

Anyways. I still love you! :P

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Another one, why double J is so phenomenal. Show Luo is really fantastic hahaha!

Still, I’m rooting Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai

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Why “Give Me Time One Last Song” (給我一首歌的時間) is phenomenal. HAHAHAHA! Really Show Luo cracked me out! He kept on teasing Jolin. 

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Jay’s version of Show Luo’s 自我催眠.

ahh… his version was a way sweeter that Show. Haha! I wonder what if Jay will make an compilation album in which his own version of songs that he had made for other artist. Like JJ’s album “She Says.” Sounds fun right? hihi ^^)

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Track: 小丑魚
Artist: Alan Luo
Album: Expert Show
Plays: 20

It’s been a long time since I’ve listen to Show Luo, I missed this song! Favorite been my favorite song in the album.

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Happy Birthday to my dearest Show Luo!!! Stay handsome as always <3

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Day 2: Favorite Album

I have lots! I’m thinking about Show Your Dance or Luo Sheng Men. I love Show your dance because it a light album for me… I love all the song plus, all the ballads are amazing. In terms of musicality, I’d rather go with Luo Sheng Men (Rashomon).

This album have different genres of songs. All songs are my favorite! Starting from “Lover’s Puzzle.” He really nailed it!

Day 1 : When/ How/ Why did you become a fan of Show Luo?

Ooops! This is going to dig my c-pop history. Show Luo was the reason why I went in the C-pop (Mandopop music). I think it started way back on 2009 when his drama “Corner With Love” was shown on our country. I love Barbie Xu (Da S) a lot so I started watching this drama. And I had realized… wait a minute, his partner is really cute and handsome. His acting skills are great that’s why he really captured my attention. Also, I love Corner With Love to bits! especially Show’s role. My favorite drama of him.. always. So then on, I made a quick research about him… and finally known him as a singer/host/actor/dancer.

In that year.. 2009 was almost a Show Luo year for me. Because right after that, his next drama “Hot Shot” was also shown in our country. Then it was a blast.. because I started fan-girling on him right after that hihi!

Show Luo is my first love/bias in Mandopop World <3


Will be doing this challenge starting on the 21st of July because the 10th day will be Show’s birthday… keke ^^

(my first ever challenge… let’s see how this goes.. Join me!) 

Gonna do it! :D

Day 5 : Favorite bro-mance picture


 Jay Chou & Show Luo 


Put 3 pics of them together because I couldn’t choose one. You get the idea right? I love Jay & Show together & I miss the days when they were really close best friends. Although they’ve drifted, I’d like to see some more between these two… *sigh* A girl can dream right? 

10 Day Show Luo Challenge :

Do it with me & tag yours with “c-popfandom” or “show challenge” ^_^ 

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Show’s recording for his 10th album~ excited! 

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A beautiful day ahead added up when I saw that Jay Chou will guest on 100% Entertainment together with Show Luo!!! I’m the happiest person now. 

I really can’t wait to watch this episode!!

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