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A beautiful day ahead added up when I saw that Jay Chou will guest on 100% Entertainment together with Show Luo!!! I’m the happiest person now. 

I really can’t wait to watch this episode!!

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My King and Queen of Mandopop World

I’ve been doing this blog for a lot of times.. which I truly express my own feelings about the Mando-pop music. It been 4 years since I started listening in their music.. because in the first place, I can’t understand mandarin. But now, I’m into their music… Sad story at first, because mandopop music was not much recognize in our country because of the Kpop wave. 

Alright, so.. let’s talk to my own king and queen of mandopop.

King- Jay Chou

Queen- Jane Zhang

Sounds like another double J right? But yeah. Their music are great and their quality of voice are awesome (except for Jay’s mumbling issue.. but I don’t care). Really you’ll pick these two when you’re into mandopop world.

Why Jay Chou?

Literally… He is the acknowledge “Mandopop King” in the Chinese music industry. And being my favorite singer, he deserved it! (no bias intended) He is totally talented and simply a musician. He create his own music.. and it is very diao! In his music, you’ll get to hear another genre of music which is a “zhong guo feng” or “chou’s style”. I dunno why I love that.. because it is a fusion of ancient chinese music and a western one. Many artist also make that zhong guo feng songs.. but Jay’s composition  always captivates me. 

Jay is not that kind of artist that you’ll probably dream about having a good looks. I think many people agree with me. unlike with Show Luo which is a totally complete package (looks+singer=awesome). Actually, when I first heard a Jay Chou song… I was not captivated by his looks.. but in his music and his voice :D Probably, his talent makes him outshine others. So my formula for Jay Chou is (Music+ voice= awesome) but in my case, I find Jay Chou a cute and handsome too!

Why Jane Zhang?

I simple love her voice and the way she sings, she can put all her feelings on the song. I know her because both Jane and Jay are nominated in the MTV best asian artist. So, I’m curious with her.. and voila, she has a very amazing voice. Her voice is a very soothing one. Not that kind of a pitchy.. but simply nice. Her high range of voice is totally amazing. And also, I’m a fan of her ancient song as well.

She is the only mandopop female artist, that gave me goosebumps when she sings. Like her Concerto De Paux. She is not that kind of artist like Jolin Tsai and Elva Hsiao that can dance well. But her voice can suited enough of her total package.


I’m so happy when lastly, they performed a duet together and they performed a Jay song! “Fireworks Cools Off Easily” and it was perfect. They have a good blending :) And I’m hoping that sometime, they will both collaborate into a duet song. That will be a surely hit.

Glad that both of them are endorsing the same drink product which is Sprite.. and both of them are in the same team haha.

For more info about Jane Zhang and Jay Chou, you can visit my blog and hit my ask button. 

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Jay Chou as being the spokesperson for 336 Angels Day

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Jay Chou live interview on Sina


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Even Jane Zhang supported Jay Chou <3 and I never thought that the two of them had a picture, I mean taken by Jane’s cam. (Jay! please compose a song for her) <3

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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jay’s new album 2012.12.28!    OMG OMG OMG!   

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Wanna see how to abuse the replay button?? Check this Awesome Piano Duo By Jay Chou and Yu Hao!!

I really can’t believe that Jay is way too Awesome! Really he’s very talented!!!and look at Jay’s expression.. it’s cute! he’s really enjoying their piano duo!

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another one :P

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jay in pink :D

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DAY 14. Favorite song from Capricorn : Shi Guang Ji (Time Machine)

it talks about various things.. but i dunno i also love Fragrance of Rice… because it also talks about encouragement.

and Jay sang it sooo nicely!!!

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DAY 13. Favorite song from On The Run

there’s so many song that i love in this album because it was my favorite. In that case, I’ll just go with Tian Tian De (Sweetness) because, the melody was good and the meaning of the song is very romantic. And for the record, since i’v become a jay fan, it’s the first song that i manage to sing :))) 

It gives me a lot of memories! ~

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When i was browsing many pictures, i came up with this two. My favorite team up and favorite singers. They were called legends, ~double J! Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. I’m quite happy that even though they didn’t end up together, thus, they still managed to be best of friends. But for me, they were still the best!!!

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DAY 12. Favorite song from Still Fantasy (Tui Hou)

because i just love the song…and it’s nice to sing that

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so ke ai!!!!!!!

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